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"A Winning Calf in any breed for you to succeed"

Terms And Conditions :
1.Terms of Sale. All Payments must be made in Full to Wolfe Agricultural Auctions. Cash, check, or credit card. A 3% administration fee will be added to all credit card purchases. A $50.00 fee will be charge for any and all returned checks. Appropriate legal services will be obtained to secure the performance of any check given, and no exceptions will be made. Under no circumstances will the purchaser stop payment on any check. Under no circumstances will there be any buying and selling in back of barn of animal consigned in sale.
2.Buyer. Purchasing of Live Animals. If you purchase any lot that is a single animal, live on sale day, regardless of age, you will be obligated to make full payment by the end of sale day. Buyer is self-insuring the animal and assumes all risk at that point. It is not the sellers nor sale managers responsibility to insure cattle for the buyer once the gavel has fallen whether purchase by the buyer at the sale, agent or the internet. All lots will be veterinarian inspected prior to the sale with the necessary test guaranteed to be Negative (TB, BVD-PI, and Brucellosis (if age appropriate) along with shipping fever vaccination.) A certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) will be provided at the sale for health guarantees and insurance purposes. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to arrange for transportation of the purchased animal. Hauling can be obtained through Wolfe Agricultural Auctions for $3.00 per mile within a 100-mile radius. Any animal can be house at The Eyler Stable Horse and Livestock Auction for a cost of $5.00 per day after the grace period ending Monday May 3, 2021.
3.Sellers. Any animal sold will have a 10% consignment fee deducted from the final purchase price of the animal. If your calf is not registered, we will charge an additional $15.00 which will be deducted from the sale price of your animal. In addition, please have all consignments heads clipped. If your animals head is not clipped there will be an additional charge of $25.00 per animal that will be donated to the Randy Ruby Memorial Scholarship Fund. All consignors will be charged directly from any breed association for transfer of animal to buyer’s name.

The following are the HEALTH REQUIREMENTS needed for your lot to be sold:
A.Health – Please observe the following 30 (thirty) days of sale in order to be for interstate shipment.
B.TB and Brucellosis test within 30 (thirty) days of the sale for interstate shipping. Officially vaccinated animals under 14 months need not to be Brucellosis tested, however proof of calfhood vaccination should be on the health chart.
C.Additional Identification: Each animal should be identified with a USDA 840 RFID Tag as well as breed tattoo. Now mandatory in some states.
D.Please comply with the additional BVD-PI testing.
E.Shipping fever vaccinations required – a 9 way is preferred.
F.We suggest a booster vaccination shot for the younger animals travelling.
4.Breeding: The sellers agree all animals to be breeders. But beyond the purchase price, with the following understanding:
A.Females: All females are guaranteed to be breeder except for:
1.Cows over 7 years of age when sold
2.Cows and/or heifers carrying a pregnancy that is the result of an embryo transfer.
B. Report of non-breeder must occur within three moths of the date of sale or before the animals reaches 21 months of age and must be submitted to the seller. The report must include animals’ examination record a written statement of treatment, and a statement of the animals’ inability to breed by a licensed veterinarian. The seller has the option to refund the purchase price or make other settlement that is satisfactory to the buyer. In with case the rights of ownership of the animal returns to the seller.
C.Females bred when sold and pronounced in calf are presumed to be pregnant, but pregnancy is not guaranteed unless announced. The seller makes no warranty that pregnant cows will deliver calves or that they will carry calves to full term.
D.If, after the sale, embryos or oocytes are recovered from a female or an attempt is made to super ovulate her, this negates the breeding warranty unless there is a separate written agreement between buyer and sell.

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